January 15, 2016

photo by www.rebeccaadlerphoto.com 


Erica Ness, a straight shooting, boss lady, is an owner of one of East Nashville’s most popular bars, The Crying Wolf.   Erica hails from LA where she attended fashion design school and when she's not slinging drinks for thirsty patrons (@rarphoto) and managing a busy bar, she owns and operates Elektric Alice jewelry and candle design.  Check out her killer jewelry and custom crystal candle designs at @elektric_alice on instagram. 

We love Erica because, well, she’s beautiful inside and out, but also because the girl has some serious practical street style.  Between working behind a bar and building intricate jewelry and candles made of crystals, metals and pyrite, she needs clothes that she doesn’t have to worry about spilling on so she typically wears all black. "My clothes are drunk by the time I leave work." Erica jokes.  She stopped by KITTY for a visit and shared some of her favorite current looks! Click on links below to check out her picks.