January 20, 2016

Kitty of the Month - July 2015 - Sarah Tomek


KITTY of the Month is a chance to reflect on the renaissance women that have blazed the trails before us and changed art, society, or business for the better.  Its purpose is also to honor the renaissance women of today that are leading lives that are authentically inspired by their talents and passions in their hearts, to share their stories and how fashion plays a roll in their everyday lives.

Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Sarah Tomek was inspired at an early age by her father and is now one of the country’s most phenomenal drummers. In a male dominated music scene, she possesses her own unique style. Tomek moves to the beat of her own drum, exuding poise and grace as a glamour god on and off the stage. She is undoubtedly a modern day sex symbol, but it's her inner beauty and her story that make her our KITTY of the month.

What does Nashville style mean to you and how do you incorporate it with the variety of projects your involved in?

Where it may have been different years ago, Nash has become so much more than just a country music city. It's all encompassing. Because of that I easily transition through genres whether it be Rock, Americana, or Country. I can wear a fur vest with a southern inspired fringe button up and leather booties. Keeping it rock n roll with a lil country flare.  I also remember first coming back home to NJ and my friends were so into the fact I was wearing booties with anything whether it be high waisted shorts, dresses, or a jean. Definitely southern inspired and I see the trend everywhere now. 

What brought you to Nashville? Do you transition any styles from back home with the nashville styles? If yes, how? Give Examples.

Nashville artist, Maggie Rose, moved me to Nashville over 3 years ago to be her drummer.  When I first moved, I was into more the rocker chic vibe. Seeing what a "good ole boys " club Nashville could be, it inspired me to femme up my look and my instrument some. I tried to blend the two. I'll still wear my leather motorcycle jacket, but I'm gonna do it in some pumps, soft makeup and a western hat. 

Whats your staple piece ad why?

I have three pairs of high waisted black pants. One a jean, one leatherette cigarette and a super skinny leatherette pair. I can't wear a dress when I play with a snare drum between my legs, so these go with most anything. After the set I can switch a shirt for meet and greets or if the bands going out for some fun on the town.

What is your definition of a strong woman and why? who have your influences been throughout your journey thus far?

A strong woman is one who goes her own way never compromising who she is. My mother is my superhero. She's such a strong woman who always followed her path and encouraged me to be an individual and do the same. ("don't take sh*t Sent from my iPhone

Whats your favorite thing about KITTY?

I love that store is named after Kitty Wells, a female pioneer in country music.The store walls are a celebration of that legacy and all women that came after her. I love that it's a botique where each week there's new pieces coming in and the little lounge area in the middle of the store is totally welcoming for anybody including men. Speaking of men, there's a cutie that works there that I have my eye on as well <3




Twitter : @sarahtomek

Instagram:  @stomekulous